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Cyber Issues in Divorce


If you’re headed for a divorce, particularly if it looks to be a contentious one, you may wish to take some steps to ensure that your privacy is protected.  Having an adversary looking through your private correspondence and browsing history, not to mention call logs and downloads, can endanger your prospects for a fair outcome in divorce.

Shared Data 

Most married couples have shared data plans these days, meaning data is streamed and backed up in iCloud.  If you have a common Apple ID, for instance, an interested party could take a look at all kinds of personal data. In fact, even your physical presence can be tracked using a certain app. They can find out myriad facts about you, all unbeknownst to you.

Be Proactive with your Phone 

Head off any of these kinds of problems by taking actions early to protect yourself:

  • Get rid of any accounts—from emails to the cloud, from emails to phone services—by disabling or canceling them.
  • If you can, get a whole new phone and service.
  • Take steps on your phone to protect your privacy:
  1.             Keep your cell phone locked;
  2.             Maintain software updates;
  3.             Never keep location services on when you’re not using them;
  4.             Get rid of apps you don’t really use;
  5.             Make sure passwords are strong;
  6.             Be aware of a former spouse’s ability to access data about you through the kids’ phones;
  7.             Have different passwords for different apps and services.

Consider a NDA 

For divorces that are particularly prickly, think about having a non-disclosure agreement in place to prevent your ex from airing dirty laundry on Facebook, X, Instagram, or other social networks. Typically, an NDA limits posts that are negative about one another, posts relating to finances or business, posts related to the kids (unless mutually agreed upon), and posts related to your divorce and other legal issues in general.

Artificial Intelligence can Complicate Things 

The age of AI can make things pretty difficult if one or spouse is conniving enough to risk getting caught creating a deep fake.  Data manipulation can occur relatively easily these days by simply downloading an app. That means your spouse could have “proof” of you saying or doing something that never really occurred.  Luckily, digital forensic experts can root out this type of scam, so if you believe it’s happened to you to make you look bad in front of the judge, just imagine how bad your ex will look once the fake is discovered and exposed!

Fighting for You 

At Courtney & Mills, our Springfield family attorneys always fight for the best possible outcomes for you.  To discuss your situation, schedule a confidential consultation today.

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