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5 Stars

Ann did a trust for me and was very knowledgeable and understanding. She took time to explain everything and made sure I understood. She also did the legal name change for our church which took a while but she worked with the court and state offices and got the job done. Great job Ann! I have recommended her to a good friend and she also used her.

Testimonial Divider - Sherry
5 Stars

Chad and Ann at Courtney Mills are great people to work with. They took time with me to explain all that they were doing and what process would give the discredited out come. In working with them I’ve learned they are very genuine people who care about their clients and what matters in they’re lives.

Testimonial Divider - David
5 Stars

Ann Mills is a truly top notch attorney; she actually won my divorce for me and I think that says a lot. Her style is much more personable than many/most attorneys and she knows how to get things done that need done to make the case go smoothly. Overall very satisfied with services and prices are reasonable.

Testimonial Divider - Thomas
5 Stars

I have had a great experience working with this law office. They made my divorce process go fairly smooth during the divorce at a reasonable rate. They have also helped provide guidance since then on legal matters related to the divorce and have been very helpful and supportive when I have legal questions.

Testimonial Divider - Daniel
5 Stars

Ann Mills is a fantastic lawyer! She is personable and a straight shooter. Mills will never instruct you to overpay for anything and is practical with her advice and guidance.

Testimonial Divider - Michael
5 Stars

Ann Mills, is a great attorney and was very helpful in my divorce. I am forever grateful for her work on my case. She was very persistent and diligent with the ups and downs. Ann went above and beyond, helping me get an attorney in another state to defend my position in seeing my daughter.

Testimonial Divider - Matthew
5 Stars

Chad was very helpful with assisting me with my traffic ticket. It felt good to know I was being taken care of in a time of need. The process was explained well and I felt well represented. Thank you again!

Testimonial Divider - Kim
5 Stars

Ann represented me in a difficult divorce case that took well over a year to obtain a judgement due to the other party. She was extremely organized and well prepared for court each time we had to go, which was several. She was patient and detailed at the consultation appointment and this continued throughout the entire length of my divorce proceedings.

Testimonial Divider - Meada
5 Stars

The absolute best decision I made during my divorce was hiring chad. He was allways honest and upfront about everything involving my case. He was allways quick at responding to anything I had questions about or needed. He fought hard to get me a fair settlement and I would highly recommend Chad for anyone needing a divorce lawyer. I am forever grateful.

Testimonial Divider - Phillip