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Springfield Termination Of Child Support Attorney

When parents separate, they both are legally obligated to support the financial wellbeing of the child. Since one parent likely has custody, the other parent will be ordered to pay child support payments in order to fulfill this financial obligation (it is assumed that the custodial parent is doing so by virtue of having custody). If you’ve been ordered to pay child support, it’s important to know when child support will end. Please call our Springfield termination of child support attorneys for help.

When Will Child Support End?

According to the Jackson County Courthouse’s Affidavit for Termination of Child Support, a Missouri parent can file a petition to terminate their obligation for child support when any of the following criteria have been satisfied:

  • The child has reached the age of 18, and the child’s mental and physical abilities do not preclude them from providing for themselves or require that support should continue, or the child has graduated from secondary school, or the child has enrolled in vocational or higher education, or has failed to submit a transcript of grades or enrollment to the support-paying payment.
  • The child has reached the age of 21 but is enrolled in a secondary school program.
  • The child has reached the age of 21.
  • The child has become self-supporting and is no longer dependent on the custodial parent.
  • The child has gotten married.
  • The child has entered active duty in the military.
  • The child has died.

In most cases, child support ends when the child reaches age 18, unless the child is still in high school, in which case the support order may be extended. It is also possible for a support order to be extended if a child is in college, or if the child has a physical or mental disability that prevents them from being self-supporting.

Why Might I Need a Termination of Child Support Attorney?

The decision to pursue the termination of your child support payments could be contentious, and your child’s other parent (as well as your child) could fight back against the decision in court. An attorney can help you to obtain and file the proper paperwork, provide any necessary documentation, clearly state your reasons for hoping to terminate the support, and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. Even if the decision is not contested, you will still need to file the paperwork with the court – having an attorney review your paperwork at the very least can be a comfort and is a smart decision.

Call Courtney & Mills, LLC Today

If it’s time to end your child support payments, our experienced Springfield termination of child support attorneys can help. Regardless of the specific reason, if you have a legally valid cause to request a termination of child support payments, our lawyers will gladly support and advocate for you throughout the process. To learn more about terminating a child support order, please call our law firm directly today. We can start working on your case immediately.

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