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Springfield Legal Separation Attorney

It’s possible to live separate and apart from your spouse for months, years or indefinitely and not get divorced. It’s also possible (and vital!) to set some ground rules regarding such a separation, including getting legally enforceable court orders regarding matters such as child custody, child support and the division of marital property. The Springfield legal seperation attorneys at Courtney & Mills can represent you in a legal separation so that your needs and your family’s needs are met throughout this period.

Legal separation in Missouri

There are many different reasons why couples may choose to seek a legal separation instead of a divorce. The main reasons are:

Economic – The couple decides to stay together for financial reasons, including, for instance, maintaining health insurance coverage for the entire family through one spouse’s employment.

Religious – Some religions don’t condone divorce, and one or both spouses might not wish to go against their faith, even though the marriage relationship isn’t working anymore.

Reconciliation – The parties might simply not be ready to divorce. They may need a break from each other but still hold out the possibility of reconciling. Taking the formal step of legally dissolving the marriage can make getting back together that much harder.

Effect of legal separation

Although the parties remain legally married, a legal separation is a judicial process that can result in court orders for matters such as child custody, child support, maintenance and property division. These matters are treated the same way as they are dealt with in a Missouri divorce proceeding. Without a dissolution of marriage, a legal separation might be necessary to get court-ordered child support. Another important point is that property acquired after a legal separation is non-marital and won’t be counted as marital property if the parties later divorce.

Considering Legal Separation or Divorce? Call Our Springfield Family Law Attorneys for Advice.

Call Courtney & Mills in Springfield at 417-869-9888 to discuss whether legal separation is the right solution in your circumstances. We emphasize giving our clients the straight facts and enough information so they can make the best decision regarding their divorce or other family law matter.

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