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A divorce terminates a marriage between two people. The Court will divide the property and debt of the marriage. If children were born to the parties, a Parenting Plan will be part of the case, which provides for custody of the children, and the visitation time they will spend with each parent. Child support will also be addressed. In the best case scenario, when the Husband and Wife agree on the terms of the divorce, a case can be concluded 30 days after the Divorce petition is delivered to the non-filing party. In the worst case scenario, a Judge will need to resolve the terms of the divorce through a trial, which can be several months to a year or more after the case is first filed.




Custody cases arise in divorce cases when married individuals have children together. A Court Order is necessary to give guidance on the physical time a child with spend with each parent, as well as how the parents should handle decision-making for the child. Custody issues also arise between unmarried individuals who have children. Without a Court order, there is no plan that can be enforced to ensure the parents are getting to spend time with their children. Contact us today to learn how we have helped hundreds of clients with custody situations, and how we can help you!


Helping to bring a new person into your family through adoption is one of the happiest parts of our job! Please contact our office so that we may help you with this joyous event.

Child Support is based upon a variety of factors including: the number of children, the relative income of the parents, health insurance costs, day care costs, tax credits, whether a parent is paying child support to another person, and the amount of time a parent spends with a child. Our office is experienced in helping you to understand all of the issues involved in calculating child support and achieving a fair result.

MODIFICATION OF CUSTODY OR CHILD SUPPORT: If you have an order of custody or child support, and your circumstances have changed since the original Court Order, you may qualify for a modification. Call us today to learn about the modification process.

Child Support


Guardianship of a child: When parents of a child are unfit or unwilling to be "parents," a Court can designate someone else to step in. This process does not terminate the parent/child relationship, but does allow someone else to have custody and decision-making authority for the child until the Court orders otherwise.

Guardianship of the mentally infirm: When individuals are unable to care for themselves, or make sound financial decisions, due to mental infirmity, the Court can appoint someone to assist the individual. The scope of assistance depends upon the mental capacity of the proposed ward.

Call or email us today to learn about guardianship and how it may apply to your situation.

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